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Teeth Whitening

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If you have yellow or discolored teeth, Opalescence™ teeth whitening can eliminate years of stains and help you achieve a more pristine smile. At Proud to Smile Dentistry in Bernardsville, New Jersey, Patricia Swaintek-Lamb, DMD, Karima West, RDH, and the team offer in-office teeth whitening with the Opalescence system. Treatments take about two hours, but the results last up to three years.* Call Proud to Smile Dentistry today to request a teeth whitening consultation or book your appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that uses hydrogen peroxide gel or other similar solutions to remove stains from the surfaces of your teeth. There’s no way to prevent tooth discoloration entirely, but whitening treatment can minimize its appearance for years.

At Proud to Smile Dentistry, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb and the team offer in-office teeth whitening with Opalescence. Opalescence uses a chemically-activated whitening gel to penetrate your tooth enamel, brightening your smile from the inside out.


Why do teeth change color?

The natural aging process is the leading cause of tooth discoloration. The older you get, the more your tooth enamel wears away, revealing the yellow dentin underneath.

Other factors that cause tooth discoloration include:

  • Drinking coffee, red wine, or cola
  • Eating certain foods, like tomato sauces, berries, or curries
  • Taking medication with tetracycline
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Tobacco use

Sometimes, tooth discoloration happens because of oral trauma, like getting hit in the mouth. 


What happens during teeth whitening treatment?

At Proud to Smile Dentistry, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb and the team complete teeth whitening onsite. Opalescence teeth whitening treatment takes about two hours altogether, but the results can last up to three years.


When you arrive at the office, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb covers your gums and tongue with a protective dam. Then she applies Opalescence BOOST® whitening gel to the surfaces of your teeth with a handheld brush. 

Once applied to your teeth, the gel triggers a whitening reaction. It infiltrates your tooth enamel, oxidizing the discolored molecules inside. The oxidation process lightens the stains, making your teeth appear brighter.

Opalescence is unique because it’s chemically activated and requires no special light. While waiting for your results, you can watch TV, listen to music, or take a nap.

When the whitening process is complete, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb rinses your mouth, polishes your teeth, and explains how to maintain your results.


How long do the results of Opalescence last?

Opalescence teeth whitening results last an average of three years.* To maintain your results, Dr. Swaintek-Lamb recommends brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting the office every six months for an oral exam. In addition, drink dark beverages with a straw and quit using tobacco.

Call Proud to Smile Dentistry today to see if you can benefit from teeth whitening or make your appointment online.

*Individual results may vary.